The header trailer model N40BX can transport corn and wheat or soy bars with headers up to 7.50 mt. and a weight of 2.550 kg.

Equipped with 4 wheels on a single axle has a hook adjustable in height to facilitate the hook with Tractor or Harvester.


  • Overall maximum transportable 7.50 mt
  • Maximum transportable weight 2.550 kg
  • TÜV certification and type approval up to 25 km/h (40 km/h Option)
  • Tyres 260/70/15,3 14 Ply
  • Perfect fixing with simple quick fasteners
  • Overrunning brake (Option)
  • Parking brake (Option)
  • Low tyres 23 x 9-10 20 Ply (Option)
  • Extendable axle for easier taking-off of the header (Option)
  • Winch for drawbar eye (Option)
  • Additional support (Option)
  • Adjustable hook height
  • 2 wheels / single axle rocker

Lights bar

Nardi header trailer
The two side sections, fixed with the antivibration allow, in case of impact, to oscillate without bending its structure.

Tuning Hook

Nardi header trailer
Disponible with overrun brake and in TUV version.

Fast locking system

Nardi header trailer
Fast locking is an innovative system to block the load, it can offer maximum security during the trip.

Overrun brake

Nardi header trailer
Overrun brake can offer the maximun security during the trip. It is an innovative and efficient system brake that NARDI can offer its customers.

Equippable with:

Universal Support

Grain Support

Nardi header trailer

Designed to be adaptable to all types of bars to be cut by a simple and rapid mechanical adjustment executable with a single key.

Extremely versatile, it can be adapted to any bar or grain maize header through countless recording with which it was designed, sturdy and functional in design, makes for easier loading and unloading.





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